Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday, 11.04pm

I should be drunk by now.
Back in the day, I would be at someone's impromptu party talking shit, or out at a bar catching up with my friends, or dancing up a storm at some random place. But no. Those happy days are gone.
(Man, I sound like an old grouch, don't I?)
I've finally finished everything on my list for Friday, which is such a nice feeling of satisfaction. I love being able to cross off everything on the list, and I need lists, because I'm such a scatterbrain. Perhaps there's a blonde under all this red, just dying to get out.
One of the things on my list (that I've done, did I mention that?) was to write the essay questions for this course I'm helping to teach. I thought it would be a drag, but it was quite cool. Yes, I'm a geek, I know. It was a bit of an eye-opener as to all the interesting things that one day I hope to teach (once I've saved the world, of course) and demonstrated the depth of all things political sciencey. (Yes, its a word) Even such a simple thing as an introductory course requires so much information and its going to be a battle for us to get through it in six weeks, but I'll do my best. And no doubt lay The Grammar And Punctuation Smackdown (tm) on those slackers that managed to make it through high school without learning the difference between a conjunction and an adverb.
Haha!! Fear the wrath of The Claire and her quest for academic perfection!!
There's lots of brackets in today's post.
I had my six year old niece jump into my bed at 6.30 am for cuddles. Well, under the guise of cuddles, but really she wanted to be entertained until it was actually time to get up. So, I drifted in and out of sleep until 7am while she chatted to herself.
I am getting to be truly awesome at mastering the art of the Excel Graph. Well, when I say "awesome" I mean "it only takes a few tries until I can do it". Which is a vast improvement on "fucking do it you cunty bastard computer or you're going out the window". usually followed by "Tim!! Help!!" Today I made pies. Pie chart pies, not steak and cheese pies. Someone in NZ is going to have to send me a steak and cheese pie every week when I'm in NY.
Pies is a great word.
So is shower. And justification.
The screen is starting to swim. Wait, maybe its me. Uh oh.
Time for beddy byes.
Have a super weekend.