Saturday, June 18, 2005

Not a complete waste of a Sunday

You know how sometimes, you just keep writing and writing and you're wondering to yourself "Where the fuck am I going with this, it has absolutely nothing to do with the first half of the chapter, but gosh its interesting" and then the next minute it somehow manages to wriggle its way back to the original point and not only have you suceeded in making a really good point but you now have a highly relevant and original and interesting example to prove said point?

Its cool when that happens.

I just managed to link a chapter on the economic causes of civil conflict in Asia Pacific and the World Bank's role therein, with the government of Papua New Guinea and their less than responsible position on resource extraction, with the recent termination of the Bank's Forestry and Conservation project in PNG, with a rather ham-fisted reintegration project in Cambodia, with the Trust Fund for East Timor.
And if you want to read it, you'll just have to wait until the book gets published.


Also, given my tendancies to have the occasional rant about things that I am interested in (read: things that bore most people's knickers off) I'm sure there are those who were expecting a rant about this.
Its coming. I'm waiting to see what happens at the G8.
And I haven't even mentioned Wolfowitz yet.