Wednesday, June 29, 2005

(insert "Jaws" music here)

So the time is getting near.
Five weeks and one day.
Me and my Moo Boots are sitting here trying to get a big pile of stuff done, and beginning to freak out a little about the fact that IM ABOUT TO LEAVE MY HOME FOR ABOUT SIX YEARS TO MOVE TO NOT ONLY ANOTHER COUNTRY BUT ANOTHER WHOLE FUCKING HEMISPHERE!!!
Everything will be backward in America.
It will be winter at Christmas. What about BBQs and water fights and Boxing Day picnics and drinking beer in the sun and getting a sunburnt nose on Christmas day? The water will go down the plug the opposite way. (I tried this in Greece. True.) They will be driving on the wrong side of the road (again, nearly got myself killed a gazillion times in Greece. Yes, even after living there for five months). They talk funny. (If anyone tells me that my accent is "so cute" I swear right now I will punch that fucker square in the face).

The thing that prompted the Oh-MiGod-its-actually-time-to-stop-talking-and-start-doing freakout was the fact that my email address is now set up.

So, should the urge strike you, feel free to email me at my new address:
You know, just in case my Canterbury address doesn't measure up, or if my two gmail accounts seem insufficient, or if hotmail is having a bad day (like everyday).

I'm not inviting spam here, all student email addresses at Syracuse are public anyway, they are posted on the University's website. But if you do spam me, or send any of those "send this to three friends and your wish will come true and some poor starving child in Bangladesh will get a roast chicken and Bill Gates will give a primary school in Ethiopia a gazillion dollars" fucking chain emails, then you will automatically recieve the same treatment as the "Your accent is so cute" guy.

Also, Batman Begins is fucking awesome.