Monday, June 27, 2005

My trip to Dunedin, in photos.

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Well here we are, en route to sunny Dunedin for the 40th annual Foreign
Policy School. Notice that I am not, in fact, speeding. In spite of my
sexy bitch of a car, I am not, at this point in time, speeding.
Because speeding is bad.

Here she is, the Little Blue Beastie. I'm going to be a sad bean when I have
to sell her in a few weeks. She has a new water pump AND a new cam belt
(thats the big rubber band that spins around, just in front of the oil
testing thing).
Whos a spoilt little beastie then?
Heres Bianca, cooking stuff.

I stayed at this flat. Bianca and Greg's flat. Although, I did have to share my bed with this guy.

The infamous George, who it appears has just been busted going through my
handbag. Sneaky little fucker. He seemed a little put out he had to
share his bed, but after the second night he was getting used to it.

This is the Fortune Theatre. It has nothing to do, whatsoever, with the
conference, but its pretty. Notice also that the sun is shining. This
doesn't happen very often in Dunedin in the winter. I feel privileged
to witness it.

Here are the remnants of my lunch. Fascinating stuff, I know. They fed us
pretty well, which is good considering how drunk they got us on the
Friday night.
Here are the people learning.

You can just feel the knowledge eminating from them, can't you. There was
one guy who was very interesting, talking about the wording of the
Millennium Development Goals and how the sneaky old UN have changed the
wording from the original declaration at the World Food Summit in Rome
in 1996, so they have made their jobs easier. Instead of declaring they
would halve world poverty by 2015, they changed it to halving the
proportion of population living in poverty, and then backdating it to
1990, so that in reality, taking into account the base year, and
intricacies of proportion vs. percentage, the UN only has to acheive
something like a 20% reduction in poverty, as opposed to the 50% the
wording implies.
We all thought he was a bit clever.

Heres the pizza we ate on Saturday night while watching the All Blacks KICK
SOME LIONS ARSE!!!! Fucking Brits. You've got four countries at your
disposal, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; a population that
exceeds our measly four million by god-only-knows, and still, YOU GOT
Suck it down, you colonising punks.

Heres Charlie in the Octagon. I love Charlie. Every day is a fun day when
Charlie's around. You should have seen the look on that phone box when he was
finished with it. Phew!

Here is some funky sky, just north of Hampton.

Sunset at Makikihi. Theres some cows there as well, an animal I am most fond
of. But you can hardly see them in this photo, so forget I said

This is my favourite photo of this lot. Very late sunset just north of
Ashburton (commonly referred to as "Vegas" and the town who until
recently had the dubious honour of the highest suicide rate per capita
in the world).
I nearly got mashed by a big fuck-off truck getting out of the car to take this photo, so I'm glad it turned out so well.

Right then.

Back to it.

More photos to come. Maybe.

Thank you Tara for the photobucket suggestion. I'll be sure to mention you in my acceptance speech. What name would you like to go under?