Thursday, June 30, 2005

If I were you my friend, I'd wear your dress and steal your friends...
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I love these two. If I ever have twins, I'll name them Calvin and
Hobbes. Or perhaps Shake and Vac. Although Cheech and Chong would also

I had Tikka Masala for dinner, and now my stomach is doing wee flip
flops. I need to go home and have a shot of Gaviscon, but first I have
to get my Shit Sorted. Yes, it merits upper case.

I'm stalking someone. (Well, he lives in another city, but I'm stalking
him via the internets. Apparently googling someone three times in one
day is stalking, according to Matty.)
I'm completely in love with him and want to have his babies.
But I was really well behaved and didn't snog him, or get really drunk
and embarras myself, or anything untoward. I was such a good girl I can
barely believe it.

Which was probably not the best idea, because shortly before leaving
the country is a really good time to be extremely naughty, so really I
should have just snogged him and been done with it. Oh Botheration.

Please wish me luck tomorrow cos I'm going to my big scary interview with these fullas, so hopefully I won't come up with anything like "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

Note to self: keep feet well clear of mouth.

Back to the stalking....