Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The lengths that I will go to....

This time around I really do have better things to do with my time. Oh well.
Things that have happened in the last few days:
...or, Stuff Claire has been doing.
The first in a new series.

-Marking essays. Really, the idea of a possessive apostrophe can't be foreign to EVERY SINGLE STUDENT, can it? Evidence suggests otherwise.
-Getting asked to co-teach a course at another university. Oh yeah, everybody wants a piece. The fun part is, the course starts on July 4th. I leave on August 4th. Luckily my esteemed colleague will do the second half. I just have to mark 60 essays in the week before I depart these shores. Piece of piss.
-Attempting to plan lectures and tutorials for said course at Other University.
-Listening to Bob Dylan.
-Making fun stuff like graphs and frequency tables and attempting to write another chapter for a book. Not that I've done the first chapter either... oopsy daisy.
-Moving into my sister's house for the eight weeks before I go. Upside: lots of cuddles from my nieces (my nephew is 10, and therefore thinks he's too cool and grown up for cuddles). Downside: can't roll in blind drunk at 5am.
-Making plans to go to Auckland for an interview for my visa. Which I think is a bit silly. I'd quite happily sign a piece of paper declaring that I'm not a terrorist or a threat to "National Security" (tm), and its going to cost several hundred dollars to get there. Auckland is fucking miles away.
-Being cold. It was -4 this morning, and today is expected to get to a whopping 7 degrees. Tropical.
-Changing the sign on Boss Man's office door so it reads "Professor Darth Surnamegoeshere".
-Procrastinating about all the work I must do. Gotta stop that.