Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Breaking news just in....

Has anyone seen this woman?
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For she is Person of the week for sending a care package.
Sorry Mr Peter Jackson, you may have a trillion Oscars, but Bridget is in fact the Coolest Person in Wellington (tm) (except for Hester, of course...)

So if you see her walking down the road, please buy her stuff. She likes Japanese food and socks with toes and dogs and yoga and is a vegetarian and has many books and speaks Japanese and Russian and has a law degree and is very clever.

In the last few days I have been averaging 4 or five hours of sleep a night, and so my customary Wednesday afternoon nap turned into about 3 hours of blissful snoozing. So, once I got up I was feeling all scrummy, and not like I was about to kill someone, so I went downstairs for a cup of tea. As one does.

Sitting on the coffee table was a care package Bridget had sent me, containing not only the new Phoenix Foundation album I had been whinging about a few posts ago but a few other goodies as well.

Here is how much Bridget rules.

Some socks with kiwis on them and a crunchie bar and a chocolate fish and the new Phoenix Foundation cd to whose awesomeness I am currently getting down to.

All together now: YAY BRIDGET!!!

I really want to eat the chocolate fish now but I was getting stuck into some jaffas earlier and am worried that if I eat more sweeties I will puke, and I really don't want to waste probably the only chocolate fish in North America.

Heres another reason why its great to be me.

My dressing down matches my trackpants and I'm wearing my moo boots.

Speaking of cows, check this out. Turn the sound up. (Thanks Heq)
I heart cows. Especially Cow Tse-Tung.

And on that note, I'm off to buy some wine, because I'm a raving lush.
Take care now bye bye.