Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey, down in splendour, take a bow, blinded in the white light and the crowd, die slowly in your arms, left to lie alone, and save your face of changing colour and your smile of fading colour cos you'll never find another who will give you ever after and you shouldn't have to say goodbye...

So, things that suck. T-groovy is working New Years Eve until 6pm then starts work again at sparrow's fart on New Year's Day.
Oh well, I probably couldn't have afforded a trip to Paris anyway. Still. Fucksticks.

The good news however, is that now I have loads of time to make plans for exciting things to do for New Years. Normally I couldn't give a flying fuck about it, in part because its completely arbitrary because the calendars have been adjusted so much ever since people began measuring years, and in part because the New Year in New Zealand arrives 16 hours before it does here, so I can kind of have two...

Also this year is significant because its the first New Years in FUCKING FOREVER where I'm not working in some mad-busy restaurant being grumpy and sober while all around drunk people are having fun and thinking they're cool when they're really being complete cunts.

So, what should I do?

There's Times Square, a few hours down the road in Manhattan. That could be fun, although probably full of Americans. I could go to Canada and visit Apoc. Apparently I have some distant relatives in Vancouver, but they're probably really boring.

Any bright ideas?
Or in lieu of bright ideas, $2000 to go home would be nice too.

Currently listening to: Straitjacket Fits; "Down in Splendour", as if the title wasn't hint enough.