Friday, November 11, 2005


Blogger is being a right cunty bastard and I'm trying to change my profile photo because my head is freaky huge in the one thats there and its creeping me out (who gets creeped out by their own head?) but it keeps telling me the link is broken. Actually its probably photobucket thats being a cunty bastard, or perhaps a bit of a double team cunty bastard action is going on.
Either way it was pissing me off so I thought I'd better stop doing that or I'd get angry and trust me, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. I don't go green, but I punch things and break things and say many bad words quite loudly and hey I've got red hair so I'm allowed to.

I'm going to New Orleans in February to hang with some blogger chicks and drink my weight in vodka and wine and probably snog some random dude. Hey, if I get enough drinks in me, perhaps I'll snog a random girl as well. Stranger things have happened.

My dumb class got cancelled today, yay!! No, not the one I REALLY hate, just the one thats a bit dumb. I mean, this is a fairly elite school, sure its not Harvard or Yale, but it just out-scored them (and Columbia and NYU and Cornell and Stanford etc, suck it down punk bitches) on pretty much everything in the most recent thing-that-scores-graduate-schools-that-people-wet-selves-over
and its fairly expensive (well they must have money cos they keep giving it to me!!Sweet!!) ....wait, where was I going with this?
Right, fancy pants school, so you would think that graduate level classes have some measure of like, structure, and assessment and things, right?
Well you would think that, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG!!!

In this class, which has been going since the end of August, I have had to submit my notes from the weekly readings, and turn up, and theres been vague threats about a final paper, but nothing definate, and ask a few questions in class, and thats about it. Sure, the readings are pretty hard going, and they had the decently to translate Plato and Aristotle into English (don't know about you, but my Ancient Greek is a teensy bit rusty) but thats only added up to a few hours a week. And very few of the classes seem to relate to any of the other classes, and while its all very interesting, I really can't see where its all going.

And that troubles me, because I really want to kick its arse, but I can't kick its arse if I don't even know what its arse looks like, let alone where it is. See, if I get in "Good Academic Standing" (tm) I'll be eligible for a Big Bag of Money to go home next summer (just in time for winter). Also, I have to like, not fail, or I'll lose my student status and then I'll lose my visa and have to go home and while that would be nice I want to go to New Orleans. Also, theres a conference in Calgary, or maybe Ottawa, or perhaps Vancouver... somewhere in Canada next year I want to go to. I would submit a paper, but its all a bit difficult at the moment. Besides, I can't really think of anything interesting. Thats a lie, I can think of plenty of interesting things, but none of them are appropriate for these fullas. OK, Calgary. My bad.
Hours of fun.

Who lives in NYC that loves me? My lovely flatmate has kindly volunteered to go down to Manhattan in December to stalk Anthony Bourdain with me, and we need people to drink with (read: buy us drinks and introduce us to hot men).

I look really nice today. I'm wearing the sexiest blue trackpants, complete with racing stripes down the side that are a wee bit too short for me cos my legs are too long for normal clothes, and grey woolly socks, and a Batman t-shirt.
So freaking hot right now.

I'm quite tall, did you know that? I'm five feet ten and a half, which I converted to centimetres and its a little under 180.
I drink lots of tea. I love it. I'm so English.
My Grandad was born and raised in India. He went back in his early 20s to Calcutta and worked on the river for a few years. Then he got shipwrecked. I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the river in Calcutta though.
I've got very nice teeth, and I've never had braces. Only my wisdom teeth out, which hurt like a motherfucker, and one root canal (because I was so traumatised after the wisdom teeth thing I didn't go back to the dentist for 8 years). That hurt like a motherfucker as well.
I also drink lots of water, but the water here sucks. The water in NZ, well in Christchurch anyway, is literally spring water. The purest in the world, and we use it to wash our cars.
At one point in time I owned 17 pairs of sunglasses. Now I have four, but only brought 2 to the US with me.
I used to work on a bungy jump on a beach in the Greek Islands and got to bungy jump for free. That was pretty cool.
Sometimes I think about having a big political rant about the state of the world but I wouldn't know where to start and it all makes me so angry and depressed that I give up and write dumb shit instead because this blog is kind of a thing like that.
Sometimes I really wish that I was stupid so I didn't understand what I do and then I could accept what I'm told and then I might be happier and I wouldn't know that I didn't know squat and I'd be worried about what shoes to wear and if I had put 5 pounds on and when the new trashy chick-lit book was coming out instead of spending half my life walking around astounded that people accept the shit they accept and they continue to live their lives and think it doesn't matter and don't realise that one person can make a difference and that if you live your life according to how you think life should be you've made a tiny ripple in the world and that ripple will matter and that at the end of the day if you've lived beholden to no one but yourself and the principles of good and true and beauty and knowledge and thinking about making the world a better place for those who are yet to enter it instead of trying to prevent people from being happy in the ways happiness finds them them you've done and people will say good things about you when you've gone and they'll mean it and will be sad and won't sit at your funeral thinking about the groceries they must get on the way home or what to buy cousin Betsy for Christmas they'll be thinking that the world was a better place for having had you in it and sometimes my dad despairs of whats to become of me I'm nearly thirty and I've got no money no job no assets no boyfriend but I've got what I believe in and thats the idea that I can make things better and that I have a gift because I have the opportunity and people would kill for the things I've got and thats why at the end of the day I'm glad I'm not stupid I'm not saying I'm some sort of genius far from it I can be pretty daft sometimes and I had my iq tested once and its no record breaker but its a respectable amount above the average but despite all the knowledge we have and don't want theres the knowledge we do want and can use and so we do these things so we may find our own version of happiness which is to stop ignorance and greed and intolerance and misery and poverty and starvation and suffering so we say thank you for what we have and thank you more for what we can do.

Phew. Did not see that one coming.