Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It took time then I found you....

Yesterday I was at the mall for far longer than I would care to admit, but in the end it all paid off.
Why, I hear you ask? What the fuck is she talking about?
I found the sort of bargain that some women (ie not me) dream about, and the most gorgeous boots I have ever seen (this week).
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yep, the most perfect chocolate brown leather boots in the WHOLE FRICKING WORLD are now mine, all mine I say, MWA HAAHAAA!!!!!!!
Ahem, sorry. Also don't stare too long at that picture, because the whiteness of my leg may damage your retinas.
I always swore I would never buy any Tommy Hilfiger products, because Tommy Hilfiger doesn't actually make anything, they merely contract everything out, ie Tommy Hilfiger jeans were always made by Levis etc, and its the whole idea of buying a name for the sake of a name that I object to, but hey. Goes to show how easily my principles can be bought.
Because I quite happily paid my $60 (yes you heard right, $60, including tax, for real leather boots) to the nice people at the shoe outlet shop and then went home and held my new boots on my lap and talked to them while I watched telly.

Here they are again.

Damn, they are some sexy beyatches

In other news, I had buckets of fun with my mum, we ate ridiculous amounts of food and drank many litres of wine and spend insane amounts of money (bargain boots notwithstanding) and this afternoon she went to Boston and then shes going home and gets to see my sister and my dad and those lovely children but I'm not too upset. I have too much work to be anything but focused on that.
Having said that however, one would think that I would be diving back into work, but since I got home from class at 4.30 today I have done washing, tidied my room, nuggeted my new boots and my Docs, washed the dishes, talked to Rebecca on the phone for half an hour (poor wee possum has a stomach flu) and played with my camera. (see above)

Ooooh, a new episode of House is on tonight. Looks like class will be fun tomorrow. Can you say "unprepared"?

Did I miss out on anything interesting in Blogland?