Saturday, November 05, 2005

Image hosted by a cup of tea and a packet of Tim Tams, and then you bite off opposite corners of the Tim Tams and dunk one end in the tea and suck the tea through the Tim Tam and it makes the biscuit go all yummy and the chocolate goes all melty and then you eat the whole thing in one bite and then go "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH shit that was yummy I'll take another one thank you" which goes towards explaining why I have precisely 5 Tim Tams left from four packets that my mum brought over from Noo Zilland there are 11 Tim Tams in a packet and I did share some of them but now I'm feeling fat and sated.
This is how awesome my mum is.

Two months worth of The Listener four packets of Tim Tams four boxes of jaffas one issue of North and South magazine one bottle of 42 Below Feijoa Vodka two jars of Marmite and lots of Mum-hugs.
Fo' shizzle.

This just in, the internet is evil.
That is all.

EDIT: Sad news from NZ, Mr Rod Donald, co-leader of the Green Party, dedicated environmentalist, generally sensible man (except for that argument we had about the World Bank) and dead-ringer for my Uncle Barry, has died.
Bloody heart attacks, there's been a bit of an epidemic this year.