Thursday, March 30, 2006

44 sleeps to go!!!!!

Today's photographic theme: cute stuff.

Haha Sarah is going to kill me when she sees this. "What the fuck are you doing putting my picture on your blog!!"

I've just finished doing my taxes. Well, I've done my federal taxes, and they're going to give me some money back, which is good, because I can hardly think of another government I would want to give money to less than this one. Fuckers.

Anyhoo, I started doing my state taxes as well, but it was too hard, so I opted for the "Give us $14.95 and we'll do them for you" option. Sweet.

Usually at tax time its either a case of "Hey Dad can I borrow your accountant" or "Waaaaahhhhh tax is hard!!!" and I just don't do it. Bad Claire.

Ok taxes are a really boring topic for a post.


I have lots of work to do in April.

If we can get Ciavarro to LA in May, Brandon has said he will be there.

Also, someone need to magic some money out of thin air so we can get Grimshaw there, cos he needs a holiday.

This post brought to you by an Internal Revenue Service induced brain malfunction, and the letter B.