Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday 4pm, still in my jammies

There are these motherfuckers playing some shit music very near my house and its really bad, they keep stopping and starting and playing the same bass line over and over badly, and the drummer really sucks and I was going to go and tell them they sucked but then I thought that would reveal to the world I am still in my jammies in the afternoon. So I had a sleep instead, albeit a sleep punctuated by rude screaming children outside and bad music.

Last night I drank a bottle of wine, cos I am a lush. I didn't mean to, I went for dinner at a prof's house and came home with a right cunt of a headache, so I had a glass of wine in violation of my No Drinking During The Week Rule cos I'm BAD and it made my headache mostly go away then I had another and then another and next thing you know I'm a little pizzled and a bottle of wine has mysteriously evaporated. My flatmate had one glass, if that makes it somehow less boozy of me.

It is very hot today and I need to have a shower and wash the dishes and buy some credit for my cellphone which has the suck knob cranked to eleven and get to school for this Cultural Fair thingy I got asked to MC and said No but I want to go see it anyway, cos we foreigners in Amurika have to stick together and its 4.16 and the fair starts at 5 and I need to come to terms with the fact I'm going to be late.

OK bye.