Friday, March 03, 2006

First It Giveth...

I'm sitting her writing a paper thats due at 10am ie in less that ten hours and I've written four pages and have said nearly half of what I want to say and its only supposed to be about six pages so Oh Shit and I decided to take a break and read some blogs and so I go to read the blog of my blog crush and as I'm doing so I turn the tunes on and the first tune that starts is first it giveth then it taketh away and I'm reading blog crush's blog and he said he quit blogging and thats it thats all its over and my friend Josh is singing first it giveth then it taketh away and I'm thinking fucking hell Josh you always know what's going on also FUCK NOW MY SUPER HOT BLOG CRUSH HAS QUIT BLOGGING HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHECK HIM OUT NOW THIS IS WAY SADDER THAN IT SHOULD BE FUCK SHIT ARSE CUNTY TITWANK BOLLOCKS

I really need a holiday. And quite possibly a cup of tea and a lie down.