Thursday, March 09, 2006

Regained your self control and regained your self esteem and blind your success inspired and analyse despise and scrutinise never knowing what you hope for and safe and warm but life is so silent for the victims who have no speech

Ok so listening to Manic St Preachers is always good for that, but I think thats an effect, not a cause.
So, I finished my IPE paper. Technically it was two papers but hey. Done. Like a dinner.

La tristesse durera

Because neither of us have ever been in the cool girl's clique, Holly and I are starting our own.

I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing.

There is so much that I sometimes want to just let out of my head and into this blog because its a particular version of me but I know that people who read this will ask questions and then I'll have to explain things and I can't even say the words to describe it let alone explain myself so I'm not going to and why the fuck am I thinking about it now what the fuck is up with that.

Lebensraum, kulturkampf, raus raus, fila fila

I miss my family so much sometimes then I try and make it go away but it never really helps its just me projecting stuff which is never good.

I am all the things that you regret, a truth that washes, that learnt to spell

My best friend's brother is getting married on Saturday and I wish like nobody's business I could be there to share it with her.

If you tolerate this your children will be next.

In 71 days I will be thirty.

Self worth scatters, self esteem's a bore, I long since moved to a higher plateau