Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job, smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend you never went to school....

Haha I fucking knew it!!!!

Me, right again.

I've added a few things to the list of "stuff that I don't hate"
- hot water bottles
- spaghetti bolognaise
- internet radio
- portishead
- grimshaw
- my stripey socks
- my friend ben
- milo
- my beautiful wonderful nephew
- the NZ cricket team
- the incredible healing power of nutella
- my house
-the fact that I am going home in FIFTY FIVE DAYS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

But that's all.

Except for all these other things that I'm not going to list cos its past my bedtime and me dad told me to go to bed an hour and a half ago so goodnight.