Monday, March 06, 2006

Let's start a fire, Let's start a riot, Yeah it's awful, It was punk, it was perfect now
it's awful, They know how to break all the girls like you, And the rob the souls of
the girls like you, And they break the hearts of girls...
/sarcastic font

My day today was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
I got up HORRENDOUSLY early to catch a bus which I stood out in the FREEZING COLD for 20 minutes waiting for only to discover that the bus had come past WAY early and I had missed it so I had to go home and call a taxi and pay $15 to get to the DENTIST when a bus would have cost ONE DOLLAR and I'm too skint to afford taxis.

Then I get to the dentist and get a FILLING which HURT because it was on the tooth next to my FUCKED UP tooth that needs the old root canal removed and a new one done but I have to wait until I get home in May for that because it will cost ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS if I get it done here and much less at home because I won't pay I'll tell the dentist he fucked it up cos he did and he can fix it for free AND IF HES GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT HE CAN TAKE IT UP WITH MY LAWYER (note to self: get lawyer).

Then I NEARLY CHOKED TO DEATH on some stray amalgalm and had all sorts of ICKY TASTING THINGS in my mouth like dental instruments and chemicals yucky.

And then I waited in the FREEZING COLD for a bus that took HALF AN HOUR to arrive when it was supposed to take ten minutes then I finally got to university having had to get another bus after that and had a meeting and bought a birthday present for my nephew and then I had an appointment with the doctor the details of which I will not go into suffice to say GIRLS WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THOSE REALLY CHARMING DOCTOR'S VISITS DON'T WE.

And now I have to write my IPE paper which is actually ok cos I heart IPE in the worst possible way (I think my nerd rating just flew off the scale) but to do so I have to read BHAGWATI who is just WRONG ABOUT SO MUCH and he makes me angry because HE BASES HIS ARGUMENTS ON FLAWED PREMISES like the universal applicability of liberal democratic institutions and the notion that ALL PEOPLE ARE INHERENTLY CAPITALISTS and the only reason people object to economic globalisation is because THEY DON'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT IT which is dumb.

So there.