Monday, March 27, 2006

"He's a God-sent original, the man of my dreams..."

Or, "Ah, Viggo, the reasons why you're still number one on my baby daddy list, despite the existence of CSI Warrick Brown"

1) Like myself, he prefers being barefoot.
2) He thinks George W is a knobrash, and went on Charlie Rose and said so, most articulately.
3) He loves the UN and all it stands for.
4) He thinks NZ is the business.
5) He is often pictured wearing either a lovely pounamu or a bone fishhook demonstrating a healthy respect for Aotearoa art.
6) He takes kick-arse photos.
7) He strikes me as the kind of man who could spend the day outside building stuff in a very manly way, then come inside, bake a souffle and write a poem. Renaissance through and through.
8) He was nice to my cousin when she saw him (albeit not to talk to, but was still nice....) in Wellington cos she was playing in the orchestra at the ROTK premiere, and despite the fact that she never gave him my number as she was instructed to, she's pretty cool.
9) At said premiere, when being interviewed by TV3 he didn't go all serious and up-your-bum as many famous folk can be, but instead tickled the reporter and the camera man.
10) He has nice blue eyes.

OK so I suck at writing lists.

I have just watched A History Of Violence and it is good.
I had every intention of seeing it, but I was inspired to bump it up my netflix list by Tim and Ben, who informed me both of its awesomeness as a cinematic experience, but also of the appearance of Viggo's bottom.
Nice bottom too, not bad for a 47 year old man.

And so we say Yay Viggo, I am prepared to overlook the fact you are 17 years older than me and that you have a bum chin, and I believe with your help I can overcome my relationship/commitment phobia, and together we can move to NZ and make lovely blue-eyed babies and cross our fingers they inherit your nose and my chin.

And oh how I wish I had taken this photo....


Edit: Check out Grace's new banner....who's that sexy bitch?!?!