Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The theory of relativity explained. Or not.

Tuesday night I left my office about 10pm. Got loads of work done, and all was well. I went home, had some kai and watched Angel. Yay.
Wednesday night I left my office about 6.30pm. I felt like I had just climbed a mountain, and I could barely make it around the supermarket without collapsing in the bananas.
Fucked if I know.
The good news is that I've managed to clear some of the crap out of my office, and have now got my papers down to 10 file boxes.
Speaking of ten, its that many weeks today until I depart these shores for my New York adventure. Oh fuck.

News just in: LTSA are dicks.
I have had my sexy beast of a car for three and a half years now, and so I reckon this was the seventh time I've taken it in for a WOF. On the windscreen, there is a tiny little chip that hasn't grown whatsoever in the whole time I've had the car, not even when I got all those chips in the paintwork driving up the Huka valley and to the Rob Roy glacier. This time however, the car-inspector guy busted me on it, and said not only do I have to get the windscreen chip fixed before he can issue a warrant, but I have to get a new seatbelt in the back of the car. Theres the most miniscule amount of fraying on it, barely noticeable, but because LTSA are being such dicks, it has to be replaced. Suck.
I went to the windscreen shop, and the nice man there called my insurance company and got me a free brand new windscreen. Yay for him.
Then I went to get a new seatbelt, and $120 later, I get my warrant. Plus $90 odd dollars for the warrant itself and three months registration. I might have to take a stroll down Manchester St to raise money for my airfare.

I'm kind of looking forward to not having a car when I get to Syracuse. Plus, they drive on the wrong side of the road, so I'd crash in about ten minutes.

Backward bloody nations.
What have I got myself in for?