Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today is the greatest day of them all....

....or, Memorable Burpdays I have had...
(in no particular order)

Gold Coast, Dreamworld, and overindulgent parents. Nuff said.
25th: Thanks to a public service type strike, I was stranded in Athens, which was closed, when I was supposed to be arriving on a most delicious Greek Island. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.
26th: To make up for the previous year's birthday, I got myself a most yummy present. He was 20 and gorgeous.
19th: Bianca gave me a hickey. Yes, thats right. My first, and hopefully last, girl hickey. Actually hopefully last hickey fullstop.
21st: 60 of my closest friends, three course meal, an open bar, and the 14th floor of the Grand Chancellor Hotel. Sweet.
22nd: For the first time in my life I had to go to school on my birthday. Damn those changing university terms.
14th: I thought I was so grown up.
1st: Actually I don't remember it, but others do, and apparently it was a blast. Of course, I was too busy pooing in my nappies to pay much attention.
29th: I only remember it so well cos it is today. Yay for birthdays. Especially birthdays that coincide with midnight screenings of Star Wars.
I'm thinking I should really make a song and dance about this birthday, seeing as how its my last birthday in my 20s, and probably my last birthday at home for ages, but I have a cold and really can't be arsed. Plus, I already had a party. And its raining and cold. Oh well. Time for a cuppa, and then back to work.