Friday, March 24, 2006

Nobody else as strong as I am, yesterday I moved a mountain, I'd like to be your hero, I am a mighty little man....

This just in: devices that allow one to chat online to friends are dangerous and should be permanently banned.

It is currently 1.58 am, I have just eaten half a box of animal crackers, which, I discovered to my chagrin, do not have icing on them like they do at home, and have written three and a bit pages of a five-or-six page paper that is due at 4pm tomorrow. I am giving up for now and going to bed because I cannot think a thought all the way through it gets all messed up on the way to being thought and I won't get an A for my paper that way, and I have to get an A because I got crap marks for the first two and even though they're only 10% each a crap mark is a crap mark.

I am being very strong at the moment though, yesterday I recorded Lost and CSI NY and today I recorded er and will watch them this weekend when I have finished doing my work in between lunch with a new student tomorrow and drinks tomorrow night with my friend and breakfast with more new students on Saturday and seeing Mr Billy Joel on Saturday night and then going to a party after that and watching the West Wing on Sunday night cos its getting really good in its last few episodes Josh and Donna even had a big snog the other day.

Also, the list of things I hate has been reduced to its normal size, and now only includes stupid people, ugly people, mean people, crap music, noisy eaters, people who sniff, racists, the wind, flat beer, misogynists, the French, cigarette smoke, my standard 2 primary school teacher, the entire Bush administration and their friends and employees, ingrown toenails, anti-abortion activists, insomnia, Jerry Springer, bats, filing tax returns, insincerity, hypocrisy, advertising, seafood, complacency, Brian Tamaki, ignorance, muffin-top jeans, people who try to impress me with how much money they have, large hoop earrings, reactionary politics and ugly shoes.

So, everything's back to normal then.

Having composed that list, however, I realise that many of those things I name are in fact sub-categories or examples of other items on the list.
Deal with it.

Ah, happiness abounds.