Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I can't pretend I don't need to defend some part of me from you...

I was vicously attacked by the broken handle of my teacup, and much blood came out of my finger, and it was all dripping down my arm and looked really impressive, but I'm a bit of a retard today, so I didn't think to photograph it until it looked much better and now I feel a little put out that it doesn't look as impressive.

So yesterday was Christmas day. It rained, and I got quite drunk. I had a good day though, my sneaky flatmates went and bought me presents, when I thought we'd agreed not to do presents, so I felt a bit stinky about that. We went to this anthropology professor's house, and she made lots of lovely food, and there was much wine, and two beautiful dogs and I am such a sucker for dogs so I was happy talking to them. Then we came home and our house was host to several Bangladeshis so there was them to be talked to, and Sanjukta and I drank some more wine and then I went to bed and watched some old Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy it was pretty cool then I conked out cos I was fairly soused and woke up at 8am dead hungry and thirsty and there were leftover paranthas in the fridge so I ate one with cheese it was odd but good. Much like myself.

And then I slept on and off until after 4pm and managed to squeeze in there the obligatory hangover feed of eggs and tomatoes on toast with loads of Marmite and a few cups of tea and this evening I've been watching telly, some crap magazine style gossip programme and then Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas it was a crossover style thingy, where some extremely spunky guy from Las Vegas was on Crossing Jordan and he snogged Jordan and she had some really cute jammies with ducks on them and then Jordan and Woody were on Las Vegas with hot guy so it was all good a right visual spectacle of hotness. That Jordan's not hard to look at either, she's hot in a smart way and I like that in a woman. My finger hurts, it didn't even when it got cut up, but now it does. Bollocks.
Because I slept all day I am feeling a bit minging at the mo. My teeth are fuzzy and I got dressed at 6.15pm and I really need to have a shower now and try and scrape these colonies of fur off my tooths.
Mmmmm no wonder I am just fighting the boys off with talk like that. They are fair beating down the door to get to me and my hangover death breath and trackpants and scruffy hair and general smelliness.
The hot boy I fancy (a real life one not the hot guy from Las Vegas who I think is going out with that skanky ho from the band formerly known as good before she turned up and now known as the Black Eyed Peas so now I have evidence he has questionable taste in women so sweet, I'm in!) ....um...lost my train of thought.
Yes, hot boy, I can write all sorts of things in here about me being a complete minger because hes away from the internets for a few days and he won't hear about me wallowing in all my hotness and will still fancy me I hope.
Right Claire so far this post blows.
I is going to NYC for some New Year festivities, and I is going to meet up with the TAN man, and the reason I'm publicising this is just in case he turns out to be a psycho serial killer and chops me up into little pieces and posts me home to my mum and dad in small packages, because thats the kind of luck I have. There is also the party to end all parties in Brooklyn apparently, hosted by some ex-Syracuse geography dept folk, and my little Indian friend will be there and we have made some decidedly half-arsed plans to drink martinis in some cool bars. Perhaps TAN can point me in the direction of the cool bars, because I'm bollocksed if I know how to find then, not being particularly cool myself as you may well have guessed.
That Claire, she's many things, but cool has never been one of them. Tall and kind of geeky, but not cool.
Oooooh, speaking of geeky, I got me some grades back today.
PPA 810.2: Research methods for Public Administration - A-
MAX 800: Citizenship and Human Values - A.

And with that little piece of gloating, I'm off to have a shower.