Thursday, December 22, 2005

There's no aphrodisiac like loneliness, youth, truth, beauty, fame, boredom, red hair, no hair, innocence, awkwardness, impunity, and a picture of you ...

Sunshine said I was pants for not posting.
Ha. I'm getting the natives to speak the lingo!!
Pretty soon they'll be calling up saying lets go out for some kai and going cheers, bro and saying stuff is choice and kia kaha when things get rough, and ka kite when they're leaving and randomly shouting bring back Buck and you're not in Guatemala now Doctor Ropata if the occasion should arise. Photobucket is having a bit of down time at the moment although I think its probably been banished to the time out room cos its not been behaving so nicely recently and refuses to share with the other kids so I'm giving this blogger photo thing a wee go.

If you could cut that skinny Knightley girl out of that photo and replace her with me then I would be happy. I'm a willing volunteer for the Clive/Ioan sandwich.
Actually after the other night's viewing of the Fantastic Four, which completely rules, thanks for asking, I may well have to add Ioan to the list of "men I would leave you for". Perhaps a further viewing of Horatio Hornblower would confirm my diagnosis. Also, Netflix (yay) have the Forsyte Saga, the new one, that he's in, and as soon as I've finished watching The Office (British version, of course) and Yes Minister and Dangermouse and Jeeves and Wooster and all the other things on my list, I will start on that.
The thing that does suck about netflix though is that they don't have Black Books, which I REALLY want to watch. I miss Bernard! I was at Borders the other day and was reminded of that episode where Manny gets a job at the big Borders type bookshop next to Bernard's and the guy tries to get him to cut off his hair and he climbs out the window and gets back to Bernard's, and Bernard's drunk, just for a change, and goes "wash the ceiling, hoover the curtains" and its dead funny. Gee, great story Claire.
See this is how sexy I am. Due to popular demand here I am modelling my brand new top-of-the-range winter jammies, ($12 at Target menswear dept). I also have them in red. Of course.

Now its after 2.30am and its time for lights out, a busy day tomorrow planned, I think I'll have a nap, and maybe watch some daytime telly. There are three Corona's remaining from the dozen I bought on Monday, perhaps I will have them for afternoon tea.