Thursday, December 29, 2005

We lived in Arizona, and the skies always had little fluffy clouds in them, they were long, and clear, there were lots of stars at night...they were the most beautiful skies....

This just in:
- my ride to the city is no longer happening.
- a bus or a train will cost loads.
- I do however have a place to stay, at Moushimi's brother's place who will be in Washington. Party in Long Island!!
- Its nearly 4pm and all I have achieved today is posting a "please drive me to the city" ad on craigslist and eating some Marmite toast.
- Marmite is the bomb.
- I think I will get a bus to the city tomorrow.
- Some people don't realise when they are being ignored.
- The Future Sound of London are one of the greatest electronica groups ever.
- Lonely Planet books are freaking awesome.
- my microwave is really stinky because Sanjukta burnt something in it and made the whole house smell like burning corpses.
- I think I need a nap.
- My exercise ball is rubbish, but my stomach is looking better.
- Duct tape is one of the greatest inventions known to man.
- I think I have temporarily misplaced my blogging mojo.
- Since beginning this post an hour has passed because I got all distracted by calling up my friend and looking up bus fares and train fares and air fares.
- I don't like the way artists will release one version of their song as a single and then put another version on their record without putting the single version on there as well.
- I would like to go to the zoo.