Friday, December 02, 2005

I want to be the girl with the most cake, He only loves those things because he loves to see them break, I fake it so real I am beyond fake, Some day you will ache like I ache

This just in: I'm perfect.
Yep, I'm going to be quoting this.

Right. Its 1.22 am, and here is a brief sample of the 2071 words I have written since 5.30pm.

There exists the possibility of a type of reverse regression artefact as a threat to the internal validity of this study. It is conceivable that certain conflicts were selected for a particularly high-profile, ‘aggressive’ or comprehensive conflict management effort because it was extremely violent or prolonged. Such conflicts may have less chance of achieving a peaceful resolution than others.....
This study represents many of the difficulties encountered with social science research, in that many of the variables to be tested are not simply quantifiable, that no control group is available, that no pre-test is practically possible, and that a non-equivalent dependent variable is not available, given the nature of the context in which the treatment occurs. The experiment aims to conduct a multiple regression analysis of the above variables to discern a relationship.

No I didn't read it either.

So I'm sitting here and I notice that its officially Gracie's birthday. I have her phone number. Do you know how tempting it is to call her and sing happy birthday? Except I think she's now in Toronto which is the same time zone as me, and given that its nearly 1.30 am I think that would probably go down like an SS uniform at Prince Harry's costume party.

I went swimming this morning. I am a fish.
This is why Fishboy loves me.

ER was really good tonight, and STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS it looks like from the preview of next week's episode that Luka and Abby finally come to their senses and live together and make babies until Sarah and I come along and they realise their true loves and Luka runs away with me and Abby runs off with Sarah I don't know how Ree will take this but she's fairly understanding I'm sure she'll be fine.

Holy red eye Batman I really need to sleep I have to get up at about 5am (yeah, right!!) to finish my loser proposal for this fucking course so then I can go to class at 9.30 am with proposal in hand and give to the prof and then have class and then meet with him after class so he can tear my proposal to shreds so then I can write a new one before Monday and turn it into a presentation with power point and everything but after my meeting Holly's coming to pick me up and we're going to the supermarket cos I'm running out of food and we need to go to the Chinese shop too cos I'm nearly out of chilli sauce and life without chilli sauce is no life I want to be living also the coconut milk at Wegmans sucks arse so maybe we should go to the Indian shop too and then I can go home and write my proposal again as above but with food and then on Saturday I'm helping Marie-Lou move house and on Sunday having a practice run for presentations. (breathe) Also Marie-Lou wants to get drunk this weekend because her kids are in India but I really don't have time, not for the drinking because there's always time for that I mean the hangover I'm losing it in my old age and can no longer handle the hangover jandal.

Anyone in my home town please go and visit my darling cousin who has had her sinuses regrouted or something. Poor wee possum. Sending love from the fine (cold) state of NY.

I was in class on Wednesday and one of my classmates comes up to me in the break and says "Hey Claire, I love your blog!"
Right, so I should not comment on classes or name professors or go saying what school I go to and maybe stop using my real name cos I don't want to get in big troubles with the uni and get kicked out for badmouthing people and lose funding or whatever and then I'll get deported which sounds pretty good right about now because its summer at home and my sister will have her kids at Dad's house and he'll have the pool going and the beer will be flowing and the BBQ cranked but still I came a long way to be Dr Claire so nobody go around saying Syracuse university will you. Oops.

1.44am. Wake up time in...T-minus 3.16