Thursday, December 29, 2005

This post sucks. You have been warned.

I have been sewing tonight for one episode of E-ring one episode of Criminal Minds one episode of CSI New York and two and a half episodes of the X Files season 4 and now my shoulders are all sore and tense because I hand sew none of this sewing machine rubbish and I need a shoulder massage where is my imaginary boyfriend when I need him?
I went to Holly's house today because she's in Oh Hi Oh for the holidays and I said I would water her plants (that's pretty funny really, cos I have what gardeners call a brown thumb) and I raided her cds and books because she said I could and came home and listened to Jewel's first album and sang along really loudly to Who will save your soul. I also watered the plants, and the kitchen floor a little bit too. Now my pooter has some more Simon and Garfunkel to get down to and Grant Lee Buffalo and some Smiths too because the Smiths fucking rule no fricking question about that.
My super duper plans for New Years have gone a bit south because it turns out Sanjukta can't make it to the city with me because she has to go to Canada in a couple of weeks and I was a little cross for about 3 seconds and then forgave her because shes such a cool little Indian and we loves her yes we does. But I won't be completely Nigel NoFriends because Vivek will be there (hopefully thats still the plan) and we can trawl the bars hunting down the finest vodka drinks the city has to offer.
Too tired to blog more.
Going nighty nights now.
A better effort imminent. I am considering a Year In Review type thing, because goodness gracious me what a year!!