Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogstock '06

I survived! Yay!
Admittedly it was touch and go for a bit there, especially on my "I must buy a snowglobe for Holly" mission the next day, but thanks to the patience of Mr Grimshaw and Mr Allbright snowglobes were procured, as were some other souvenir type thingys for my friends and for me and for my sister. But mostly for me.

Why is the little speech bubble for my google chat account flashing at me? Stop it! You're freaking me out!!

OK I was really freaking sick the next day, and getting on a bus all the way back to Syracuse the next day was about as much fun as genocide and cancer COMBINED. With a side order of herpes.

It was not, however, the worst hangover I've ever had, the honour of that title goes to the time I had a twelve hour stopover in Denpasar Bali in May 2001 on my way to Europe and a bunch of us got off our chops and then had to fly to Bangkok and get off the plane for 45 minutes and then get back on the plane for 12 hours to London and about the time we were above Delhi I was ready to open the plane doors and jump out.
Strangely enough, they wouldn't let me.

Actually yesterday was pretty damn funny.
I was having breakfast with Grimshaw at some cafe and I had to keep running downstairs to the loo to have a puke.
I've just realised that the last post I made was all about puking and the one before that was all about snot.
What's next? The poo post?
No, I think I'll spare you that.

So, meeting bloggers in real life is fun.
Some are taller, some are cuter, all were drunker, a fair few said "Planet what? I don't think I've read that" to which I replied "Oh, you're the one! hahaha look how funny I am"
at which point they had a tendency to mumble something about needing to phone their mum and running away.

And my stupid phone doesn't work in Toronto, because it unfortunately has the suck knob
cranked up to 11. Which is a big smelly turd because I wanted to call Gwen and make everyone talk to her cos it was a real knickers-ripper that she couldn't make it but hey life's like that.
Of course, I could have liberated someone else's phone and called her, but I think by that point I was busy talking to ralph on the big white phone.

One of the first things Jeremy asked me was if the carpet matched the drapes, that was of course after he said "Oh, you look much older in real life" hahadefreaking har.
I believe the carpet/drapes thing is perhaps the Canadian version of enquiring whether the cuffs match the collar.

I have many more photos so I'm going to stop talking now and post them, but look at Chad trying to sneak a snog.
Cheeky bugger.

Oh, I almost forgot.
All you lovely Blogstock '06 attendees at Andy's pool hall are hereby ALL INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY Its in May and I'm actually having two, one in Syracuse, New York and one in Christchurch, New Zealand so whichever one you'll be closest to please come along. The one in NZ is likely to be a bit more posh and you'll probably have to brush your hair and put your flash gears on, but hey.
Come and help me farewell my twenties. Or, alternatively, watch me cry into my chardonnay as I mourn the loss of my youth.