Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stop and stare what the fuck you don't know me

Legs = ouch.
I went to the gym and I ran on the treadmill for 2.5kms which is also 1.6 miles which isn't very much but its a hell of a lot more than what I ran the day before which was precisely no kms which is no miles.
Then I rowed for 2kms in ten minutes on the rowing machine (well it's not like I rowed on the stairmaster is it dumb-arse) and did it in ten minutes and I'm going to go faster and longer every week and very soon there'll be no puku only a nice wee tummy and toned arms and general healthiness etc.
So, then I went out and got drunk.

I'm considering going to this geeky blogger fest in Toronto next weekend, but I'll only go if Apoc is going. Also, if I can finish my paper in time. And can magic some money out of thin air.
But I'm considering it.

Speaking of money, I'm still awaiting donations to the Claire TV fund.
Perhaps I should set up a Paypal account, that way all my millions of readers can each donate $10 and I can buy loads of tellys.

In other news, arguing on the internet is still very much like running in the Special Olympics.