Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm practising your name, so I can say it to your face it doesn't seem right, to look you in the eye, and let all the things you mean to me, come tumbling out my mouth indeed its time

2.54am and I'm awake. Wide fucking awake. Hmmm.
My day hasn't been particularly productive, I talked to Hesty on google chat, set myself up with MSN (finally!) my user name is claire-amelia in case you fall down and hit your head and decide you need to talk to me also I went to the gym and was sitting on my bed doing work on a Saturday night because right here its party town population me, anyway I fell asleep cos I'm an old nana, and awoke to 2.45am.
And here we are.

So I trolled about on the internerds for a bit.

Zach Braff is getting married. Mandy Moore is cute.

Lucy Lawless has signed on as a permanent cast member of the greatest show currently not on my television because I don't have a functioning television let alone the SciFi Channel
Xena is a cylon. I always knew it.
Then I called my mum its Sunday evening in NZ and she's all sleepy and going to bed I said WELL ITS THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND IM WIDE FUCKING AWAKE she said Don't swear Claire I said Ok sorry Mum. I also talked to my brother in law who kicked arse in his cycle race the other day because he's awesome.
The other day I was at the bookshop buying some magazines for my sister and I came across the latest Esquire starring none other than my future husband. So I did the dance of joy, purchased said magazine and finally put Viggo in his rightful place.
Tucked up in my bed.
Also sent mags to my sister, cos thats the kind of girl I am.

And then....
A whole lot of Not Too Fucking Much.
I have a ridiculous amount of work to do before Spring Break. And I don't even think I'll be going away over Spring Break because I'm skinty-poos but my friend Marie-Lou said we could take day trips out of town to some mountains and lakes and go for big walks because I miss being around mountains and SO FAR FROM THE OCEAN but a lake will do. One of the best things (amongst about a gazillion awesome things) about NZ is that no matter where you are, you're only at most a couple of hours from the beach. Ok, if you're in Taupo it might be a wee trek, and perhaps getting from Queenstown to the ocean through all those mountains would require a fair bit of effort, but in both those cases you've got a big fuck-off lake to get jiggy with.

I think thats one thing I miss the most: proximity to water. I guess I am an Islander, at the end of the day.
Somedays its hard being in America. Only 78 sleeps until I go home though, for three glorious months of being on the greatest island in the world THE SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND!!!