Thursday, February 23, 2006

I found her on a night of fire and noise, wild bells rang in a wild sky...

Having three conversations at once on google talk is both fun and confusing. It also makes posting 1) entries on one's class web page about hegemonic stability theory and 2) entries on one's blog quite difficult.
It also makes completing the readings on the above topic near impossible, but perhaps that is more to do with one's motivational deficit than anything. Its not like they held me down and made me chat!!

One of the things we were discussing is the rather modern phenomenon of the Blog Crush. Its perhaps INCREDIBLY GEEKY to fancy someone you met digitally, but I think that we have evolved beyond the stage where only the undateable find dates via the digital medium. I mean, we have real life friends, and go to parties with them, and have relatively normal lives. Its not like we have only this medium through which to meet people. It just adds another dimension to one's social life. Plus, you can spend hours at your computer and pretend to be working while actually chatting to your friends.
But the Blog Crush.
Its just as fun as having a real-life crush, with the added advantage of being able to delve into the archives of your crush's brain. If they pay attention to their site-meter they will figure out sooner or later you are stalking them and get all creeped out, but that will take a while.
And in the mean time, hours of fun!

I was going to post something all serious but then I had a very silly conversation so consequently am not feeling particularly serious, being two months and 20 days away from thirty I am entitled to my last few weeks of silliness.
Ah, who am I kidding. I'll be silly in my seventies. When Grace and Sunshine and Gwen and I are sitting on rocking chairs on the front porch in purple cardies with our 1000 adopted cats and drinking gin before midday.
I think I'll have the NY branch of my birthday on the 5th of May. Write that in your diaries, people within a days travel radius. Unless, of course, I don't like you, then you can fuck off.

Also, we are about to initiate the "LA Blogstock Campaign".
Friday, May 12th 2006, somewhere in LA, we need to have a blog party. The planning committee took a vote and decided that the primary recipient of the campaign should be one Tony Pierce.
If we can get LA's most famous blogger on our side, it will be a hit, the committee assures me.
Am going to email him now.

Claire out.