Sunday, February 12, 2006

Too low to find my way, too high to wonder why

Allright, stop with the harrassing. I'm going to Toronto, ok?
Gonna go to Toronto, gonna get drunk, gonna fall over, gonna have fun, gonna get a hangover....
Then I'm gonna get on a bus for the five hours back to this snowy town. Fun.
Hangover + bus = agony.
Perhaps I'll stash a bottle of scotch in my bag so I don't sober up until I get home.


I went to the gym AGAIN today because I am a freaking STAR and I ran again and I rowed again (15 seconds faster) and I did some weighty exercisey thing with some weighty machiney thing and some other abdom abdem adbo stomach exercise thing and holy lactic acid buildup I am going to be one sore little kitten tomorrow.
But then in three months and six days when I'm thirty I'll be so damn fit and gorgeous people will not believe it. I will take so many photos and post them up and then my email inbox will be filled with offers of diamond rings and roses and chocolates and porsches and I'll say sorry boys, you had your chance, Viggo honey lets go.

Also, here's whats really nice after the gym (why do the tellys in the gym always play a thousand commercials for food?) is a honey nut muesli bar and a hot shower then a plate of Claire's special recipe risotto with extra peanut sauce and some feta crumbled over the top and an aloo paratha. Oooooh, my life is the freaking business.

However before I go bussing off for some Canadian shenanigans I have to write an interview assignment on the G8's decision on debt relief last year and a paper on coup and military rule in Indonesia.

My friend R-bizzle has never seen a single Ali G episode. That makes me sad. So sad in fact that I have put Ali G on the top of my netflix so I can edumacate her on the awesomeness of the Staines massive.