Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not at all like rain on your wedding day

I have had a headache for about two weeks now, and in the last couple of days its got really bad. I'm pretty sure its just a combination of needing new glasses and needing a trip to the chiropractor, its nothing major I know because the old "close eyes and put hot water bottle on the back of the head" trick seems to work fine for easing the pain.

As does booze.

And therein lies the irony. Those who know me in the real world of live action people will know a) my love of booze and b) my ability to drink a lot of it and c) my horrific toilet-hugging head pounding please-god-kill-me-now hangovers.

Drinking booze = headache, amongst other things.

However, the only thing that seems to be completely succeeding in easing the pain of this fucking cunty bastard of a headache, given the fact I am unable to rest my poor sore head on a hot water bottle because I have to finish reading this book before class tomorrow morning and post some comments on it on our class webpage and do my washing and cook and eat dinner and some other things I'm sure I haven't thought of yet, is booze.
I have nearly finished my second Corona and strangely enough, headache nearly gone!

Oh, the irony.

Also, ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife is not irony. Its a simple lack of forward planning.