Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Putting on my daytime eyes, a good enough disguise until I get some sleep

Further proof of my reign as Queen of Geeksville.
Tonight in my civil/military relations class, there was discussion of the role of the military in times of crisis, and whether the powers that be have the right to call upon the military to act in a policing fashion. This is a significant issue, because the key difference between the military and the police is that the military protects the state against threats to security, while the police maintain law and order amongst the civilians. One person was pleading the case that perhaps there was a need to call upon the military to cross this line in certain situations, and I was saying no, and offering my reasons why. See above.

Now I have this thing sometimes when I'll think something and I'll accidentally say it out loud before my brain has had a proper chance to process the thought and decide whether or not it merits being spoken.
Tonight I had one of those moments.

Quote: "Its just like that episode of Battlestar Galactica, when the civilians are rioting on the ships and the president asks Commander Adama to send some troops in to stop them fighting, and he says that they are the military not the police and its not their role to maintain law and order....."

.....silence in the classroom.....

"Er, like what, Claire?"