Friday, January 20, 2006

Two posts in one day. Who knew you had this kind of luck?

I believe I have previously mentioned my cousin of awesomeness, young Stacey, and today she further proved her awesomeness by sending me this care package. Actually, she probably sent it about a week ago, but I got it today.
Not only does it have the new Bic Runga cd, which I am currently listening to (go Bic) but a calender of Craig Potton photos and a Listener (which is funny because when I was at Libby's over New Year we were reading the Listener and doing the crossword and generally singing its praises although not much with the singing just saying how cool a magazine it is) and not one but two Whittakers chocolate bars and a Pinky bar and a Perky Nana and a Cairns russian fudge which I've already eaten because how can you expect me to be in the same room as Russian fudge and not eat it perhaps this is connected to the hideous dental bills?....NAH!!! and some Jaffas which is funny because just the other day I ate the last three Jaffas in North America and was sad and some Scully's soap cos I smell and a pretty red card because Stacey too appreciates the awesomeness of red things.
So a big loud Yay For Stacey is currently resounding in this house.
Man, I look really wasted in this picture. I don't think I was, but you can never be sure.
Stacey of course looks gorgeous, sorry boys, she's taken.
What a lucky girl I am to have such a cool cousin. It just goes to show that there is a genetic basis for awesomeness.
However, despite the awesomeness in my genetic code, I must add that I'm currently questioning the wisdom of eating the entire piece of fudge in one sitting, as I am starting to feel a bit squiffy.