Friday, January 20, 2006

"Oh that's right Vyvyan. If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, smash the drawing room to pieces. That's very Buddhist, isn't it"

So it appears that I have had a crap week. I got an email from a friend this morning saying sorry your week has sucked, and the impression from my blog is in fact that.
However, while it is true that there have been major aspects of suckiness in this week, it has been balanced by some awesomeness.
The reason I bring this up is because the last thing I want to become is that annoying little twat who thinks that their life is so much harder than everyone else's when the reality is that we are surrounded by so much that others will gladly give their right foot for. We don't think much of that person, do we precious? No.
So, things that help to balance out the whole having-to-bail-on-Chickstock and spend-hundreds-of-dollars-on-dental-bills thing include, but are not limited to....
- my friends are back in town, and that makes me happy.
- there is a ridiculously hot boy who thinks I'm hot and he is neither blind nor retarded.
- My classes have started and they all seem really cool, especially in comparison to last semester's quantitative methods hell. Incidentally, my IPE prof looks like Bill Pullman, were Bill Pullman to play a professor of political science. Cable knit cardigan and all.
- My bedroom is cool.
- Its only 114 sleeps until I get home, taking into account having a sleep on the plane to get my body clock back to NZ time, but not taking into account any naps I may have between now and then.
- I have a Gryffindor scarf and yesterday I was wearing it in the bookshop and people were looking at me with jealousy in their bitter eyes.
- Arriving in the mail tomorrow is the much anticipated "Serenity", further upping my geek factor. As if Battlestar Galactica and tickets-two-months-in-advance-to-the-midnight-screening-of-Star-Wars weren't enough.