Sunday, January 29, 2006

Out amongst the walking wounded, every face on every bus
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Blogger photos doesn't like this photo. I tried to upload it and there was a big grey mess with the photo in the corner and because I am mildly retarded I don't know how to fix it so here we are back with photobucket.
I have been doing weekend stuff this weekend. Things that normal people do on the weekends, albeit supplemented by much reading of Jagdish Bhagwati and some stuff on coups.
Friday: had dinner at my friend's house, with some other people, drank some wine, talked some shit.
Saturday: cooked for two of my friends, drank some wine, talked some shit, listened to my friends talk about stuff I don't understand. All good.
Sometimes I will be talking some shit about something and I'll mention my blog and occasionally the reaction is "You have a blog? Email me the link!" and sometimes I'm reluctant to which is weird (thats a difficult word to spell) because I think there are so many versions of me that perhaps my school friends don't need to know all the shit I spout about school and my life and how retarded I am and how much I miss my sisters and the munchkins and my mum and dad and all the people I love in NZ and all the shite that my brain manages to produce on a daily basis plus the emotional crises I seem to produce at regular intervals.
Holy crap its nearly ten o'clock!
Anyway I did that on Friday and my friend goes "email me the link" so after thinking about it I did and now we should all welcome Brendan to the fold, pull up a chair, have a cup of tea and enjoy the madness.
In the manner of all good guests, Brendan did not show up empty handed, and we can thank him and his cellphone camera for these charming photos of yours truly.

OK perhaps charming is the wrong word for this one. Maybe scary arse psycho photo would be a more apt description.

I had lots and lots of things to say but I have to read stuff now for school because I am a Dedicated Student also I had a nap that was accidentally two hours longer than I intended and then spent the last hour reading blogs because they are Dangerous Things and should really come with a warning "Excessive consumption of these blogs may affect your GPA".