Monday, January 02, 2006

First we'll take Manhattan...

Then we'll go home for a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit...

No, doesn't quite have the same ring, does it. Well I have just returned from Manhattan, and can safely claim that I am officially no longer able to handle the jandal as well as I could a few years ago.
I was, however, up well past my bedtime on both New Years and the night before, and this guy and I put a fair dent in the vodka and cranberry supplies of a couple of bars.

This is what happens though. I end up looking like complete arse. Go the jammies!!!

The good news is, I had buckets of fun, got to hang with the incomparable Libby who is remarkably hospitable, and is one of the few people in this country who doesn't talk funny, and I ate far too much, and drank far too much, and upon drinking said amount, proceeded to have a couple of inter-blogger phone conversations, and met some interesting people, and a couple of boring ones as well I'm sure, and I just thought you should know that I didn't get chopped up into little pieces and posted home in handy pocket sized packages, and that I had tubs of fun and am all tired now and can't be bothered writing anymore so I'm going to bed to watch Jeeves and Wooster yay Netflix.
Oh, and I'm going back in two weeks for more mayhem!!!

Rock on.