Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair"

So, it turns out that roasted salted peanuts do in fact have a use-by date. Additionally, when said peanuts are consumed a full twelve-month after that use-by date, they are no longer crunchy little morsels of salty joy, they have hideously morphed into nasty little kernels of arse.

In other news....
On Friday I am going to see this exhibition.
I have six days of sloth left before the madness begins, and in that time I have to write a paper. So, if I spend half my day working and half slothing then I really only have three days of sloth left, they will just be spread out over six days. But in reality I will spend maybe 2 or 3 hours a day working and the rest of the time watching Battlestar Galactica or sleeping or eating, which doesn't really comprise half a day.
I have to get my root canal done again. Ouch. It wasn't done properly last time, despite the fact it cost me $550 and a world of pain, and now I have two options. Either wait until I get home in May and get the original dentist to do it again, and not pay him because its probably his fault, or get it done here and pay $1025. Hmm. What a dilemma. So I am currently getting stuck into the penicillin in the hope that the infection currently lurking deep in my tooth goes away until May. Then, I can get some more pain inflicted upon me.
Its a good thing I'm tough.

Did you know that penicillin was discovered by a Scot? Dr Fleming was a Scotsman, as was Mr Bell, inventor of the telephone (although we was an Edinburgh lad). And of course, there is Scotch whiskey too.
So, three of the most important things in the world my people are responsible for. Quality booze, telephones and not being dead.
My Scottish blood fair tingles with pride.