Monday, January 23, 2006

Sundays all of my demons rest, but today's not a Sunday

Well fuck.
The world is coming to an end, I'm sure of it.

A freaking whale swam up the Thames. Then died during a rescue effort. Poor wee mite, I'm very sad about that. They also found a porpoise in Putney. Even the animals know something's up.

The "president" of this country I live in claims that the right to legislate over a woman's body is rooted in America's deepest principles and that history will show them prevail.
My freckly white arse it will.

Canadians, who I thought were a resonably sensible bunch despite not having a cricket team, have gone and elected one of those crappy "let's limit the rights of everyone who's not a rich white guy and while we're at it shall we stick our noses up America's arse? ok what a smashing idea" governments.
Note of course my obvious mastery of the intricacies of all aspects of Canadian politics, and my completely fair and unbalanced, not to mention wildly informed, portrayal of the Tories.

The CIA decided that the rules don't really apply to them, and they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want, cos they're the goddam CIA and they've got a constitutional right to be dodgy bastards, or something, and if you question them they'll get their friends in the black helicopters to come and steal you in the middle of the night and you'll find yourself in a concrete room with a sack over your head and your feet in a bucket of water can you say International Convention on Human Rights?

Peacekeepers in the DRC are getting killed

The West Wing has been cancelled

And.....the real nail in the coffin?
Chris Cairns is retiring from one day cricket.
End of a freaking era......

Also, what is up with you people? I write a crappy half arsed post and get a bunch of comments. I pour my freaking heart out, and what do I get? ONE!!!!

Do I have to start posting boobie shots?