Saturday, January 07, 2006

Don't talk to me about being alone

I wonder if now is the best time to be blogging. Its 2.34am, and I really should go to bed, and I had no intention of blogging, but sometimes it just happens. You know... Or not.
I have these moments where I come up with these magnificent thoughts that would be awesome for my blog, but its always when I'm walking down the road without anything to write on, and so I repeat them to myself so I can remember, but then I get distracted by something pretty like snow or puppies and poof its gone.

Today I was having this wonderful thought about me and where I am in my life and what its time for and it was so eloquent when I thought of it first but now I'm running through it in my head and it sounds clumsy and childish and just plain pedestrian so I'm going to leave it alone for another time unless of course I feel the need to just vent it in which case I can come back tomorrow and delete it all. Oh the joys of being in charge.

Party time at my house tonight. I cut my hair, and then dyed it, and then put streaks in it. The colour and streaks are cool, but as usual I think I might have cut a bit too much off. About 10cm, 2 & 1/2 inches. Then I washed it and it went all boofy and way curly and now I look a bit eighties but then I put a hairclip in and I'm back to my styling self again. Hehehe, who am I kidding. I am a gigantic boofhead, but at least I have a hair straightener.

Trinny and Susannah were on Oprah today. I love those two and want them to come to my house and sort out my wardrobe which is one massive malfunction, and then buy me loads of pretty clothes so I will always look as awesome as I do on those very rare three times a year occasions when I actually put some effort in and wear nice clothes and do my gigantic boofy hair and put some lippy on.
That would be nice.

Deftones = awesome.