Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A lesser man would have just said "Ah, fuck you"

This just in: the internets are dangerous.
It is currently 8.31 pm on Wednesday, that time of day also known as "29 minutes to Lost", and I have still not done my reading for tomorrow morning's class. Why, you may ask?
Well, its all this guy's fault.
That, and the fact that Comedy Central go and post videos of the show on their website that I am forced to watch because I don't have cable and all the news I do get on the occasionally functioning television is completely biased and crap and not funny and doesn't have Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart and its not like I really watch it anyway cos its always about some really dumb parochial crap like the school district two counties up the road and not important things like how Tana Umanga is retiring or the gigantic fubar going on in Iraq because as I learnt in class today previous to the invasion neither the military nor the government policy makers did a single simulation about what might happen so are completely unprepared which explains the lack of body armour on soldiers and all the civilians that have been killed and I really shouldn't be going here because I don't know enough about it to win an argument and you should never talk about shit when you don't really know enough but Jon Stewart knows lots and therefore I would like to take this opportunity to invite Mr Stewart to be a guest blogger on Planet Claire.
I did that really long sentence thing again, didn't I?
Gotta run, nearly Sawyer o'clock!