Monday, January 09, 2006

"I've been listening to my gut since I was fourteen years old and frankly speaking, I've come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains"

Given the ridiculous amount of spare time I have had on my hands in the last few weeks, you would think I would have acheived something. But, no.
I've done a few sit ups, but not nearly enough (still have a fat tummy. Booya.)
I've thought about this paper I have to write, but haven't written it yet.
I bought some writing paper, but haven't written any letters yet.
I've thought about the papers I've enrolled for this coming semester, but I haven't done any reading for them yet.
Today, however, all that non-acheivement was forced to take a back seat, because in a fit of God-only-knows, I took it upon myself to clean my room. Not just put the dirty clothes in the washing basket and the clean clothes in the wardrobe either. I cleaned that mofo like nobody's business. I got the huge pile of papers on the bookshelf and sorted through it. I picked up the fourty thousand books that were decorating the floor and put them on the bookshelf. I sorted through all last semester's readings and notes and put them in a box. And labelled it. I put my cds in one pile and Holly's in another (see, she's away, and I've kind of been bringing some of her stuff to my house, and keeping it company...hi Holly.) I put all the pencils into a pencil jar, and all my desk stuff into a box on my desk, and put away my Xmas cards, and made a folder of important documents, and found the case for my camera, and then I changed my bed and now I'm going to jump in it because clean sheet day is the best day of the week. Especially when it coincides with clean jammies day, and having just got out of the shower.
I will however, leave you with this. I am considering making a compilation cd for someone, and it is doing my head in, because I want it to be really good. It needs some Fat Freddy's Drop, obviously, but should I put Flashback or Cay's Crays? Salmonella Dub as well, but the Bromley East Roller, or Love Your Ways? Obviously it must have The Chills' Heavenly Pop Hit, and Straitjacket Fits', but I can't decide whether to put Down in Splendour or If I Were You? I have the first Goldenhorse record, but the best version of Wake Up Brother is the single one, which isn't on the record. Also, should I make the cd all New Zealand music? If so, should it be all varieties of NZ music? If so, the order of songs will be a big thing, because you can't exactly jump from a hyper Concorde Dawn track to the mellowness of Phoenix Foundation to P-Money. It would be all wrong.
Oh, this is going to keep me awake all night.
Oh to have other things to keep me awake all night....