Saturday, January 14, 2006

My GPA is 3.778. Suck it down.

I went to NYC.
After a grand total of 45mins sleep I got on a bus, went to The Big City and rode the subway and bought some pashminas and went to an exhibition of real human bodies and ate some food and went to an art gallery that had lots of pretty pictures and some straight out weird shit in it and played scrabble and drank whiskey and ate some spinach and ricotta ravioli and went to sleep and then got up and went to the airport to meet Marie-Lou and was really late because one train was late and another decided halfway through the route it had enough and told us all to get off and get another train which didn't show up for ages so I got a yellow taxi and was an hour late but was not as late as British Airways who lost two of Marie-Lou's cases then we got a rental car and drove upstate through fog and rain and snow sometimes all three at once and it was scary and took ages but we made it and now I'm going to get into my bed and watch Black Books having eaten a big plate of yummy pasta and being so tired that I was seeing things on the road today that weren't actually there so goodnight one and goodnight all.