Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Go and boil your bottoms, son of a silly person. I blow my nose on you, so called Arthur-king, you and your silly English kiniggits"

The real question is, do I actually have anything to say?

Umm....magic eight-ball says not bleedin' likely!!!
However, seeing as how that has never stopped me before, I shall continue as normal.

My best friend's gf looks like Starbuck.
Its a shame Marilyn Manson is such a knobrash because he's got some thumping tunes.
I have to take industrial strength antibiotics every six hours for my fubar-ed root canal-ed tooth.
Today I did my washing.
The other day my "Shit bitch you is fine" bear had a wee accident involving a cup of tea, a shelf, the bear's right ear and gravity.
The person who bought me that bear is called Benjamin and is hereby declared awesome.
The bear has recovered nicely from the tea incident and thanks you for the good wishes you sent.
Its only a little over four months until I can go home and see my nieces and my nephew and my sisters and my brother-in-law and my mum and dad and my friends but my favourite cousin won't be there because she's going back to London to continue being awesome.
I've now lived in America for as long as I lived in Greece.
In certain situations making a cd for someone is a significant undertaking.
I'm thinking that perhaps I should get translations of Rammstein lyrics because its always good when one knows what one is actually saying. Thanks to Nike's efforts one night at work I pretty much know what Du Hast is about, but as for the rest....I know that engel means angel, but thats it. Could someone please ship Nike over to me? That would be great. Thanks.
I've got my own particular brand of the non-stoner munchies.
Bill and Ted quotes are still funny.
I'm doing a piss-poor job of readjusting my body clock to normal semester time which it must function on from next week, as it is quarter to two in the morning and I'm not tucked up in my sad lonely bed with only a toy tiger called Raji for company I'm sitting here spouting crap on my blog and boring the knickers off the poor unfortunate souls who stumble across this page hoping to find some existential wisdom. Well ya boo sucks to you, I used up all my wisdom last week doing the crossword!
How is it that CSI and CSI New York can be good yet CSI Miami is complete arse? Is it because of that annoying little ginge?
Why does Fox (bastards) tease us so by playing the first new episode of House in literally weeks, then follow it up with an advertisement saying that all new episodes of House will return in February? And why do I care so much?

OK, thats enough torture for one day. I will however leave you with this. The other day I updated my family-friendly blog, the one that my mum and dad read, and emailed them to let them know. Then I turned off my pooter and went to bed, only to lie awake for ages utterly convinced that I had in fact emailed them the url for this blog. Of course, I hadn't, and right now I can almost hear Tim's voice saying, as he usually does whenever I tell a story, "That's a really great story Claire" except written in sarcastic font.