Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Holy PHWOAR Batman!!!!

Warning: potential Lost spoilers for all those not fortunate enough to have just finished watching this weeks Sawyer-fest I mean episode.
Now Tony Pierce has the decency to wait a good day and a half to go posting about Lost so all his dedicated readers have enough time to watch the episode they recorded because they were out having fabulous lives of glamour and excitement, but quite frankly if I'm not out having glamour and excitement then I don't want to go making concessions for any of you bastards who are. (tried to put links there to the busblog and a Lost post of same but blogger having emotional problems)
And of course those who live in my fine home country of Aotearoa New Zealand will go looking for episode gossip on the internets anyway.

So, tonight's Lost. Subtitled: When Good Hobbits Go Bad (and when Sawyer looks fit).
Did not see that coming.
I must confess, if I had in fact been standing up when Sawyer said "theres a new sherrif in town" I am convinced my knees would have in fact buckled under me. There were little tingles in places that haven't been tingled nearly enough recently.
But Kate was right, he needs everyone to hate him so that he can live with himself, because he really did love that woman although she was the long con but he was just retreating into his tried and true identity as a conning cunning hottie. And Sawyer was right in observing that "you don't hate me Freckles" because how can you hate something that fit.
Once upon a time I was having a conversation with an Assimilated Negro about the fine balance between hotness and bastardness in a man and I said something along the lines of "I don't care what CSI Warrick Brown is like as a person quite frankly I don't give a flying fuck because if you look like that nobody cares what you're like well I sure as shit don't".
Ah, television. It is your friend.
Actually, television is your friend when it works, not so much in my case because the television has gone boom, but without the fun of going boom ie its crapped out completely and I'm too skint to buy another one, and so I get to watch telly from Tuesdays until Fridays because that when Sadaf is away and I can watch the telly in her room all the other times I'm confined to watching dvds on my pooter its a good thing I've got Netflix isn't it?
Please send me money so I can buy a telly.

And while I'd like to say that I must away so I can do significant amounts of work for my IPE class in the morning, I will more than likely recharge my glass of wine and watch an episode of one of the tv programmes I have from netflix. Being so exhausted as I am from my afternoon nap and doing about two hours of work before cooking a most delicious chicken salad and watching Lost.

Graduate school: should probably involve more work than this. Oops.