Sunday, February 19, 2006

Toronto 1, Claire 0

Right so I went to Toronto and got drunk and ended up in the bathroom worshipping at the porcelain altar aka yakking and Raymi had to come and rescue me because she is a star and I think the people at the bar were all "hey that foreign chick is yakking in our bathroom please get rid of her" so I went back to the hotel and went beddy byes and woke up this morning to the worst hangover EVER except for about a thousand others.
Turns out that drinking disgusting amounts of scotch and beer after eating three spring rolls for dinner five hours sleep a night for the last three days and a head cold are not the best combination. I have some interesting photos of me talking to people I have no recollection of talking to but the evidence is there in my camera and the evidence never lies!
Mike Grimshaw is all that and a packet of crisps because today him and Ben were very patient while I puked my way around the various bathrooms in Toronto on a mission to buy some souvenirs for my friends. Yay for boys.
Too hungover to post pictures but they will be there eventually right now I'm going to cook myself some fucking eggs and climb into bed and watch the X Files.