Monday, February 06, 2006

I wanted freedom, bound and restricted, I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted

Claire vs. knife.
The bandaid on my finger has made it all fat and it keeps hitting the wrong key. Lots of spelling fixing going on in the background.

None of that sort of drama in academia, I'm afraid.
No drama at all, in fact in the last couple of days there's been no work either. I am so slack and my 3.778 GPA will be tumbling south to that of lesser mortals unless I give myself a stern talking to and cut down on the internerds and naps and dvds and general fannying about I seem to be filling my days with. Right now I should be finishing the reading on the Russian army and starting the reading on the Chinese army and then reading my IPE book and coming up with questions to ask in class and researching my paper on Indonesia and preparing my paper for the review thats due tomorrow and also there is a couple of emails I should really write and my room is a little messy and I still haven't transferred all my music from media player to itunes cos i'm a retard and my socks have a hole in them so I could be darning them but no. I'm blogging and singing along to Everything But The Girl and now Interpol. Also my cup of tea has gone cold. Urgh.

One thing I have discovered in my rather limited travels around the world is the immense difficulty of finding a decent cup of tea outside the Commonwealth.

I got tagged by the fishboy so here we go.

Four jobs I've had
University Lecturer

Four movies I can watch over and over
The English Patient (Almasy! Katharine! Mr Darcy!)
Independence Day (best watched while horizontal on a sofa extremely hungover armed with a large bottle of the dark master and a BK value meal)
Labyrinth (everything I know that is true about the world I learned from that movie)
Wings of Desire (because I want to believe it's a true story)

Four places I've lived

Christchurch, New Zealand
Adelaide, Australia
Kalithias, Rodos, Greece
Syracuse, New York, USA

Four TV shows I love

Fawlty Towers

Four places I've vacationed (thats American for "been on holiday")
Wanaka, New Zealand (at every available opportunity)
Santorini, Greece
London, England
Manhattan, New York

Four of my favorite dishes
Chicken salad, preferably made by me
Palak paneer
Thai style green curry
Marmite on toast (could you BE more of a Kiwi?!?!)

Four sites I visit daily
Planet Claire (to see if anyone has left me comments, and therefore loves me) (I am so parochial its beyond funny)
Go Fug Yourself (cos I am a nasty bitch and love it!!)
BBC World (cos I miss the news at night)

Four places I would rather be right now
In the spa pool on the front porch of our house in Wanaka overlooking the lake and the mountains.
At the pub.
Snuggled up in bed with a hot boy
At my sister's house drinking wine with her and playing with the kids

Five bloggers I am tagging (haha rules get bollocksed!!)