Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Because rules are for losers and squares....

My self-imposed rule about not drinking booze during the week may well be thrown out the window within the next few hours....too much stress....head exploding....

Whine whinge grizzle moan and grump etc etc ad nauseum.
Ok that will be all for now.

No it won't. I just called my best friend at work at the video shop and asked if they had a copy of Showgirls cos its my standard joke and she was really busy and couldn't talk cos its a rainy ANZAC day at home so I said I would talk to her really soon, but it reminded me of another time I called her and did the same thing and she didn't recognise my voice and went "ummm, yeah...do you want vhs or dvd?..." and I went "Haha it's me you got suckered!"
It was pretty funny.