Monday, April 03, 2006

What's hot and what's not

I was in the post office today posting things to bloggers and there was this really hot guy there and I was checking him out, running through the list in my head.
Cute? check.
Tall? check.
Well dressed? check.
Smells nice? as far as I could tell.
Decent hair cut? check.
Kind face? check.
Straight? am 98% sure.
And he was checking me out and gave me a wee half smile even though I looked a bit like arse with my bad-hair-hat-day thing going on, and I smiled back, and we made a wee connection, and then he looked away and did this big disgusting snotty hoicky sniff and all of his hotness went completely out the window and I sent some foul thoughts his way and some other thoughts involving nose blowing and not clearing one's sinuses in a public place and then thought that was such a shame cos he would have been really cute if he had some manners.
That was my story for the day the end bye.