Monday, April 10, 2006

Five minutes with Claire....

I wrote my paper and handed it in three minutes late and my prof didn't seem too upset bless his wee socks, then I went to visit my other prof and said Hey can I borrow your book to read for this week's class please cos I can't afford to buy it cos I went to Toronto and spent all my money on concert tickets and posh hotels and cocktails he said no worries but please can I have it back on Wednesday because I have to re-read it myself cos even though I wrote it i probably need a wee refresher course before class on Thursday I said cool not a problem then I remembered a paper I have to write by Wednesday morning that I forgot about so not only do I have to prepare a bunch of background material for this simulation we're writing and write a page or so on the purposes and motivations of the simulation design and do about 200 pages of reading for tomorrow night and have questions on them by 1pm tomorrow and read this book of 181 pages by Wednesday but I also have to write a report on this focus group we did ages ago and have it handed in Wednesday morning in class so what am I doing on the internet you ask well just the usual fannying about reading stuff and finding out whats on telly and cursing nbc for having another er repeat this week but also blessing nbc cos the West Wing is really good now and so so so sad it made me cry on Sunday night and for feck's sake Josh would you please marry Donna and I'm also chatting online but now I'm off because I have a lot of reading perhaps this week's reading will be limited to introductions and conclusions and I also have a forgotten paper to write.
Five weeks thirty five sleeps to go booya.